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Howdie folks

Well we survived the flight over- really long day tho! we got in at 7pm but that wud be 3a.m in glasgay! we're staying with bagels cousin walker and his flatmates, its a wanging pad on the hill (just up from the anchor steam beer brewery) with massive views and balcony with barbie (CRUCIAL)
We've had a great few days stegin around up down round all the massive hills in the baking heat! having plenty beer stops.
This place really is the feckin fixie capital of the world!theres thousands off them, anyone with even a slight bike addiction is screwed, round every courner theres another screamer, it takes ages to get anywhere!. Laris is being very patient.
My camera's full already so i've emptied it onto the comp and will try and put the best ones up here, seen some beuties tho- including a macaframa beast. went round all the bike shops and found freewheel (the mash one)
Also ended up buying a bike yesterday as nae-one wud rent me one!
I got me a fully built up track fuji with red wheels fsa crankset and decent other tackle- its brand new and was a great deal! I,m gona box it up and send it home im 3wks before we go north so if anyone want to buy it let me know- its a 60 tho so larger males only. I'll put a photo up.

Chur fae noo- more to follow soon

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